Booking Jazz Bands

For booking or hiring a jazz band, navigating all the jazz options available can be overwhelming and we are here to help. If your event is big or small, corporate or a wedding, a jazz festival in Louisiana or a performance half way around the world, a small meeting room or a private home, inside or outside, we have done it all with jazz performances of all styles ranging from a soloist to sixteen-piece bands. Jazz is a unique style, not mainstream, and our exclusive bands and all the bands we offer from New Orleans have been fortunate to perform for audiences of 30 to 10,000 plus.

New Orleans JAZZ BANDS available for performances:

  1. Jazz Band: Trio or Quartet (Traditional, Modern or combination of both styles)
  2. Jazz Band: Five-piece or larger (same options and popular on International performances)
  3. Strolling Jazz Band: Jazz Brunch style (generally Traditional or Dixieland jazz)
  4. Brass Band​: 2nd-Line (popular on International performances, local weddings and corporate events)
  5. ​Jazz Funeral 
  6. Modern Jazz 
  7. Funk/Blues 

In 2017 we celebrated 100 years of recorded jazz. The historical timeline, below, helps understand an overview of jazz styles. All of these styles interlink, blend and progress. We offer jazz bands that specialize and fit into each of these “styles.” They can perform one specific style or a mix of many. If you want background jazz for your corporate meeting or a headliner for your jazz festival, we have the musicians and bands to fit your needs.

  1. Dixieland or Traditional Jazz 1917 through 1929 plus Dixieland revival of the 1950’s through today.
  2. Big Band “Hot Jazz” 1920’s/1930’s
  3. Big Band “Swing” 1940’s/1950’s
  4. BeBop Late 1940’s/1950’s and strong through 1960’s
  5. Modern Jazz 1950’s-1960’s to present day performers.
  6. Funk/Fusion 1960’s-present

Performances with our bands covering all styles of New Orleans jazz include:

  • Everglades  Club, Palm Beach, FL (8 years of annual performances)
  • Venice, Italy (private performance)
  • Rimini, Italy (jazz festival)
  • Sandviken Jazz Fest (Sweden)
  • Imatra Big Band Festival (Finland)
  • Storyville Happy Jazz Club (Finland)
  • Waterfront Hall, Belfast, Ireland
  • Cork Opera House, Cork, Ireland
  • Sao Paulo, Brazil (Concert Hall – Americas)
  • Istanbul, Turkey (Intercontinental Hotel)
  • Trapani, Italy (Jazz Festival)
  • Yokosuka, Japan (Christmas Concert)
  • Buenos Aires, Argentina (NOLA jazz and food experience)
  • St. Catherine’s, Ontario, Canada (Parade)
  • Campeche, Mexico (jazz festival)
  • Dublin, Ireland (private events)
  • Edinburgh, Scotland (jazz festival)
  • and many, many more.

Concert performances to touring:

We have already completed so many performances. Working with a company you can trust is vital. We know how to fine-tune details to be certain the band members make it from their home to your performance and back. Our goal is for the band members to arrive safely, securely and provide a high quality performance for you and your event.

All of our band members and groups are “jazz ambassadors.” When our musicians and bands visit your city they represent our city.

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